Vision & Strategies


BFLC will be the industry leader and outperform its competition by creating a dynamic, entrepreneurial, high growth business that can seize local opportunities.


  • Align our culture and organization around the goal of becoming the preeminent food and beverage company with one integrated organization and one shared vision for success.
  • Expand our business platform, by gaining momentum in the local market and accelerating the growth of our restaurant, café and food retail business.
  • Strengthen and expand our brands; continuing the revitalization of the BFLC brand and further developing our presence in the restaurant and retail sectors.
  • Maximize the performance of our portfolio through a renewed focus on revenue and operating margins.
  • Operate more effectively and efficiently across the organization by challenging cost structures in each of our business segments and corporate office.
  • Bring back the true sense of customer service, through our people, and their professional pride.
  • BFLC is to be a major contributor to the brand through quality, value innovation, competitive products and growth.

Core Values

The core values are the building block of the company and its direction. These values are the elements for all team members to follow to develop the company into a protable operation and a company that we all have pride in and enjoy to work for.

  • Entrepreneurship – Taking ownership of the company and customer success.
  • Commitment – Commitment to product, service and initiatives that impact the organization
  • Quality – Giving the best and unmatched results for all round satisfaction.
  • Accountability – Responsibility of our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow workers
  • Leadership -The courage to lead from front and shape future.
  • Teamwork – Work together to meet the mission and vision.
  • Balance – Maintaining Healthy life and work balance for workers.